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Bali Tragedy – part 2

“Brad, ada bom meledak di Kuta Square”

I received the shocking news by SMS on Saturday evening 01/Oct around 8PM while I was away in Bandung for the weekend. Scrambling to find the truth I tried to call a friend whom I knew went to Bali for holiday but to no avail. Apparently the whole mobile communication was shut off for that evening. However I finally managed to contact him by SMS and we got a brief report of what was going on. It was glad to hear that he was OK, although the bombing seemed so powerful. And indeed it was, around 22 people were killed and hundreds were injured.

The terrible news kept going on for the next day and made me shivering whenever I heard the update. We have suffered several bombings since 2002 and the terrorism issue seems far from over. After the first “hit” from the fuel increase on End/September, this Bali tragedy would surely damage the economic recovery especially in tourism sector. Not to mention the social unrest that may soon follow. The future of our nation looks very grim …

However I do believe that there is a divine plan behind all this, a blueprint for a happy future eventhough wrapped in a black envelope. It is time for us to arise and shine; one candle may not be enough to lit a room, however by passing on the light to the others we will shine brighter and brighter. I remember one song that will describe the neverending hope of revival. It is my utmost hope and prayer that Bali Tragedy part 2 will turn into “Bali Revival – Indonesia Revival”.

If you believe and I believe
And we together strive
The Holy Spirit will work through
Indonesia will revive !!


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