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Below is an excerpt of the Soka University Student Song, from a campus I attended for a while in 1997. This song has been ringing in my head for the past few days and all the good memories start flowing. It’s written in Japanese only and I’m now searching for the English translation. If possible I want to include the music also!

Okaccchi !!! Will you help me please?! Hehehe

紅群れ咲く つつじの丘を
白蝶あそこに 喜び舞いて
葉桜薫れる キャンパス広く
集える若人 緑のしげり
青嵐はげしく 天空吹いて
凛々しくそびゆる 白亜の学舎
筆とる心に 秘めたる思い
誰がために 人間の道学ぶかな

Kurenai muresaku tsutsuji no oka wo
shirochou asoko ni yorokobi maite
hazakura kaoreru campus hiroku
tsutoeru wakodo midori no shigeri
seian hageshiku tenku fuite
ririshiku sobiyuru hakua no gakusha
fudetoru kokoro ni himetaru omoi
tagatame ni ningen no michi manabu kana ?!


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