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I Waited For The Lord (by Mendelssohn)

I’m not actually a classical music listener, and I don’t know much about classical musics, either. It’s easier for me to enjoy listening to Phil Collins than Mendelssohn. Classical music is not something that you just can tune in instantly; it’s more like an Acquired Taste of music where you need to “practice listening” before you can grasp the meaning and passion. I have heard so many comments about “A” Choir, “B” Orchestra, “C” Soprano but never really succeeded to distinguish their quality. It’s like my mind is always blank when I go to a concert.

I felt the same thing last night when I went to Jakarta Festival Chorus concert. They were performing Hymn of Praise and Psalm 95 from Felix Mendelssohn (whom I’ve never heard of). Oh, and don’t forget to dress up because I knew that my cool blue-silver SANDAL would not fit in with the crowd, hehe. The choir and orchestra were coming in, then the conductor appeared and mumbling something about the Composer and the piece they were about to perform that night, and the Soloists appeared in grandeur. Finally the lights were dimmed to begin the concert.

It started with a Tenor voice … or so it seemed. I tried very hard to listen to it and catch up the beat, but as the numbers were performed one by one it became even more difficult to comprehend. Somewhere in the middle of the second part of the concert I started to enjoy the song, partially because the lyrics touched my heart.

I waited for the Lord, He inclined unto me
He heard my complain
O blessed are they that hope and trust in the Lord

Aku menanti-nantikan Tuhan, Dia menjengukku
Dia mendengar keluh-kesahku
Ya diberkatilah mereka yang berharap dan percaya pada Tuhan

I began to understand the composer’s passion when he created this peace, that the ultimate comfort that men can have in this world is to trust in the Lord. I was amazed that such a piece could describe Mendelssohn’s love of God because God loved him first. And I was awed by the beauty of the song and how such a man could have a talent and passion that inspired him to create this wonderful hymn.

That was it !!! I have no more reviews. But at least it’s a start! Having an open heart helped me to grasp a little piece of passion in the music and encouraged me to sing to the Lord and glorify Him with my life. I also realize that Sacred Music is not for everybody to perform, but everybody can listen, enjoy and share the same passion to praise the Lord. After all, God’s love is for everybody, right?!

I must thank my friend Anri for putting his best effort to get me a ticket and for keeping in touch with me moments before the concert began, making sure I was on my way and arrived safely eventhough he was busy preparing himself to perform. Thank you Mr. S.P. (oh I’m not gonna tell you what S.P. means, hehehehe) !!


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