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Post Holiday Syndrome

I can’t believe it, the long holiday is finally over. We had to work since yesterday although government offices and banks just opened today. However I cannot help it but feeling dizzy all day and started everything very slowly. Plus the fact that someone from my company will be resigning this Friday and we still haven’t been able to find his replacement makes my day grimmer. After the long holiday last week, I felt that normal working performance is hard to re-establish and I wanted to continue sleeping all day, spending non-quality time at Starbucks or surfing the net like crazy.

Oh, and I must admit that I feel so lonely this week, I don’t know why. I begin to understand my friend’s posting in his blog last week wondering about the “definition of friendship” and how lonely he felt when he tried so hard to adjust to a foreign culture but the locals sometimes gave unpredictable reactions. Oh, my case may be different but still the loneliness is unbearable.

Finally, I feel pretty tired of writing this blog in English just because my friends cannot speak Indonesian (sorry guys). But then again, it is sometimes embarassing to write your thoughts in Indonesian because it would sound “so lame” (well that’s what I think). I might need to make a drastic change in my writings from now on.

Betul tidak kawan-kawan?!


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