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Happy New Year

If this year didn’t bring you joyJust leave it behindLet’s ring in the new yearWith good things in mind; Let’s forget every bad memoryThat brought heartache and painAnd let’s turn a new leafWith the smell of new rain; Let’s forget past mistakesMaking amends for this yearSending you these greetingsTo bring you hope and cheer!

Awaiting the Sunrise

Good evening friends, The year 2005 is almost coming to the end and I wonder what have I done so far to use the precious time that God has given me. I realize that I have not done much to please Him ….But I am thankful that God has given me a new chance to […]

Blog Facelift

Teman-temanku sayang, Sebagai manusia perfeksionis sejati gue gak pernah berpuas diri akan apa yg gue udah kerjakan. Termasuk soal blog skin yang kok kayaknya gue belum ketemu nih desain yang pas dan menggambarkan karakter gue sesungguhnya (ciekh!)So, may I present the newest blog skin design! Gue tunggu komentar dan kritikannya yaaa !!!

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas morning and I wish you a Merry Christmas.May the love of God touches your heart in this blessed day and may you enjoy the true celebration of Christmas through the birth of our Savior. Warm regards,BradleyP.S. Below is a picture of my parents, buckled up to attend Christmas Sunday service this morning! .

Crowded Mind

Have you ever been in a situation when everything seemed pushing your brain to the limit while you tried to solve every problem that came into your mind at the same time?! I call it “Crowded Mind”. That is, you were still pondering about one thing and then another problem came rushing in and when […]

Bible Study

I attended something new today: a Bible Study session. It has been almost 10 years since I began bible study in campus and I enjoyed it very much back then. When I was in college, we would sit around the class and had an exciting discussion on things we had learned. And also because we […]

Hectic week

Wah, udah lama gak mampir ke blog sendiri nih. Gak banyak yang bisa ditulis sih, secara penyakit writer’s block gue kayaknya berkepanjangan. Ditambah lagi dengan keasikan baca buku The Da Vinci Code bikin gua tambah tenggelam aja di kamar kalo pas di rumah. My life has been occupied with work, work, and work!! Pagi sampe […]