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Bible Study

I attended something new today: a Bible Study session. It has been almost 10 years since I began bible study in campus and I enjoyed it very much back then. When I was in college, we would sit around the class and had an exciting discussion on things we had learned. And also because we were Faculty of Letters students, we were busy analyzing the ethymology of the words, context, application, rethorics, poems, and on and on. I must admit that I was over-energetic to share my “wisdom” and “reformed faith and truth” that I just gulped down without chewing. However despite the biblical truth that I learned, it did not change me much actually. I was still busy pursuing my studies with high hopes for a better job hunting and a high income profession. As I entered the professional career, the sound of the Word started to fade away and away. And yes, I gained wisdom throughout the years of business and social experience, but that wisdom is considered “shallow” compared with the depth and neverending horizon of God’s wisdom. I learned that worldly wisdom provided no peace in mind and built no positive character.

Now here I am in this room; time flies and I am no longer an eager student. Life experience has calmed some of my passion and I do not have the same excitement to debate over biblical doctrines. Today I sit calmly opening the Book of James and tried to ponder over the practical things that this book is about to teach. Nevertheless the old eagernes starts rushing back into my head and before I know it, I am engaged into yet another exciting discussion. But this time it is different. This time I open my heart widely to absorb the truth of God and prepare to be transformed by it, not just spiritually but also practically. I am thankful to God for the golden opportunity, and I pray that this divine gift will not pass.


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