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Crowded Mind

Have you ever been in a situation when everything seemed pushing your brain to the limit while you tried to solve every problem that came into your mind at the same time?! I call it “Crowded Mind”. That is, you were still pondering about one thing and then another problem came rushing in and when you barely begun to analyze what it was, another major issue banged your door with neverending demands. Life is full of problems you couldn’t avoid, but eventually you would come to the point to feel that everything started to fall from your fingers.

I don’t wanna sound so lame, but I did have many problems this week. First there were extra tasks to do at work because our new employee would not show up until next Monday. I was amazed with the constant patience shown by my colleague for handling the huge tasks that were not supposed to be her responsibilities. Then I was worried about the church due to a new duty I must take as the Sunday Service usher and joining in a new Bible Study group (which meant new books to read). Next would be Christmas preparations; old friends demanding hangout sessions (hehe), and -of course- the love-life issue; plus other smaller non-essential things to take care of later. These problems came simultaneously and I didn’t have time to think of a solution at once.

Oh yes, take the old advice: Sorting out priorities. Unlike the Sorting Hat at the Harry Potter series where he could use magic to determine which kid went to which house, I wasn’t equipped with such luxury. The problems simply didn’t wanna move so I had no choice but to face it. The big question is: which one should I handle first?

A friend reminded me of sorting out priorities into 4 main categories a/f:

1) Important – Urgent
2) Important – Not Urgent
3) Urgent – Not Important
4) Not Urgent – Not Important

I have heard about this before but never really tried it. Well I guess it’s no harm to try! You see the advantage is that by the time you categorize all of your problems into 4 groups, you can get the rough picture of what is going on in your life and having a chance to do a better assessment. It is quite easy to do that because I can use my own timetable to figure out which task should be placed into “Important – Urgent” and must be accomplished until a certain date. But what must you do with “Finding a girlfriend” for example? Considering the family Christmas gathering is near, should I act quickly and put it in the same group so that I can show her off to my cousins?! *grin*

Sorting out priorities has become integral part of our lives, yet one has to be constantly reminded about it to keep the awareness and steady performance. What I learned this week is that no problem is greater than your capacity to solve it. You only need to keep priorities and solve them all in an orderly fashion.


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