Sudden showers

No no no, it’s not about me suddenly rushing to the showers, hehehe.

Jakarta has been under severe weather condition for the past 2 weeks with heavy rains and strong winds. The party started on Christmas Day 2005 when a storm hit Bekasi area and flooded the main streets, flew off many rooftops and billboards and caused traffic jam everywhere. We had to spend the rest of christmas celebration clearing up the debris. *smirk*

After that it’s been on-and-off! It started with a fresh morning and ended up with a chilly rainy evening. I call it ‘Sudden Showers’ because the cloud can accumulate in just hours and suddenly the rain will start pouring! Jakarta people has become concerned about the floods and some has started packing things to move to higher grounds. Weather station keeps reporting bad conditions and the sky is likely to remain cloudy until February. Our house still looks OK after the roof was repaired last December, but we don’t know how much it can bear heavy storms. Being a country located at the equator, Indonesian people has never experienced hurricanes or tornados so even a weak storm like 30km/hrs is already considered “disaster”. Therefore most people don’t even bother to build a secure building that can sustain such excessive winds and rains. But looking at recent weather changes globally, I think we need to change our views and start preparing for worse condition in the future.


2 comments on “Sudden showers

  1. have I told u that your english is damn good ??

  2. ahh, ente jangan suke becandeee :p

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