Blogadryl Antistressthamine

Good evening friends,

After a wonderful Sunday that I had yesterday, it’s quite difficult to get up this morning and start another hectic week at the office. The ongoing pressure is tiring me down, I must admit. However despite all the dizziness I still found a great escape way: blogging.

Blogging has arguably been the latest madness that I’ve enjoyed for the past 8 months. I sometimes wonder what benefit I could gain out of this activities because it’s really like wasting time, you know: you reach the office around 8 AM everyday, start blogging and bloghopping until 9, take a short break to blog around noon before going out to lunch, and bloghopping again in the evening before I go home to my personal computer and …. bloghopping again!!! Hehe, I am practically obsessed with this madness eventhough I never consider myself as a competent writer. For me, blogging is a self actualization where I can put my ideas and shout freely in my own “space” and just letting off the burden through writing any crazy ideas. I’ve seen many friends’ blogs and the writings they put with the articles filled and details which were collected through careful research make me green with envy. Another friend is keen to post his stories so that he can make his own book; all of his postings tend to cater specific audience that will welcome his opinions. I guess blogging can be a good start to create your own business, eyy :)). Nevertheless I am learning to enjoy anyone’s thought through his blog but sometimes I feel that people are not acting like themselves in the internet; they tend to show off their handsome or beautiful faces while covering up the freckles. Which is fine, of course; I love doing that also :). But I also want to see a confession of failure, anger, stress, cries and prayer that we can share honestly to our friends. In that way we can see that all human beings are same in the sense of having to struggle in many problems everyday and that we can encourage them to keep the faith and struggling to find a solution.

Blogging can be a medicine of life, a recipe of our stress problem that cures through exposing the mind disease of others. It’s like urine therapy actuallty; you will gain benefit to your body through the output of the body itself. The urine does not need to position itself as a good medicine with positive but strong chemicals designed to destroy the virus; the urine is exactly as it is: yellowish dirtiness made from the leftovers. Yet through the leftovers we can see ourselves in front of the mirror and be blessed with what we have and received from our Creator and rejoicing in the hope of life.

So I do say and I do mean them: Happy Blogging, friends 😀


4 comments on “Blogadryl Antistressthamine

  1. hmm, dulu sebelum aku punya blog hidupku kayak sepiii bgt. Tapi aku senang baca blog yg menarik. Lalu kepikiran “Why don’t have my own blog?” Lalu mulai deh aku punya blog.Karena aku jauh dari rumah dan family, rasanya sepi. Sejak ada blog aku tidak pernah kesepian. Aku bisa baca blog orang, kasih komen atau just say hi.Dari blog aku mengenal byk sekali teman2 dan hidupku menjadi lebih berwarna. Biarpun hanya di depan komputer, aku bisa merasakan kesuka citaan. Walau tulisanku jauh tertinggal ama orang, aku pede nulis sekedar buat baca sehari2. Kali aja bisa latihan tulis buat kalahin J.K Rowling.(Mimpi deh).(ini komen atau numpang posting)

  2. Why not beating J.K Rowling?!!!Bukan mimpi lohhh

  3. hehe, ati-ati aja jangan sampe addicted… ntar jadi sakaw… hihihihiehiehie

  4. Hmm… another Blog-Maniac!!!

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