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Will you run to me?

Will you rise to the top of the tower?
Will you look out to your vast and endless domains?
Will you run down to the Worship Hall
rushing past the angels
and open the gate?
Will you race to the field
stretch out your arms from afar
to hold me at last?
Will you whisper your words of comfort and love?
And will you hold my hand
as you bring me home?

Lukas 15:20
“Maka bangkitlah ia dan pergi kepada bapanya. Ketika ia masih jauh, ayahnya telah melihatnya, lalu tergeraklah hatinya oleh belas kasihan. Ayahnya itu berlari mendapatkan dia lalu merangkul dan mencium dia”


One comment on “Will you run to me?

  1. Lord take cares all of us..

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