Bloggers’ Reunion

Well well well, something exciting happened last night when four bloggers decided to meet up. It’s amazing how the internet world can transform people’s lives and the way we socialize. Distance and time difference don’t matter anymore. Below picture is the evidence of such unique friendship 🙂

Mall Kelapa Gading, 07 July 2006
Left to right: Pink, Samuel, Brad, Anri


4 comments on “Bloggers’ Reunion

  1. hihi, fotonya kok mojok getoh siiih ?? 😛

  2. nih foto koq cakep semua ya…

  3. coba aku dateng yah… pasti seru deh :-p *jayus*

  4. ya kalian yang dijkt buat sirik melulu..kopdaran terus..hehee

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