Tsunami has become the most famous Japanese word in Indonesia for the past 2 years. It comes with a horrifying meaning of catastrophe. Yesterday the word was shouted again in the streets of Java’s south coast and people fled to higher grounds. Still the earthquake and tidal wave has claimed lives of 277 people (so far) and the number keeps growing …

Pull out your wallet
Search your wardrobe
Shop for food and water
Start your engine
Head south!

People are crying

Head south!
Jesus is already there


6 comments on “Tsunami

  1. Ada Jesus tidak takut Tsunami hanya takut tidak cukup setia saja..

  2. semoga ini mampu lebih mendekatkan kita pada Tuhan…

  3. hello buraddori,shalom, greeting from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Thanks for visiting my blog. We pray for all the lives that was lost during the recent event..our deepest condolence. Jesus akan sentiasa melindungi umatnya…

  4. koq ke selatan?

  5. aletheia: ke selatan itu maksudnya ke Pangandaran, pantai selatan pulau Jawa 🙂

  6. owww….

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