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happy celebration

the air is reddish this week.
we started with a pinkish nuance when Valentine’s Day arrived on Thursday. My usually silent cellphone suddenly singing all morning when valentine wishes from friends. “Hare gene?”, i thought. but love is certainly in the air with valentine movies airing every night on TV this week. i cannot help but feeling hopelessly romantic, hehehehe.

but then the pink color really starts to get serious as we’re approaching the weekend: Lunar New Year. it’s bright red everywhere from the town hall, street decorations, homes, and even our church.

well, I wish you:

Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Chinese New Year

(bagi kue keranjangnya dong! hehe)


One comment on “happy celebration

  1. happy valentine’s day, abang!sorry selama ini ngilang, hehehe! gmana kabar? hope this finds you well. greetings from surabaya.

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