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Summer Low Season

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere. Yet it feels like summer here as well.

Apart from the hot weather, we’re in the beginning of the summer holidays. It’s a jolly moment for the children as they can keep their books in the drawers and pull out their swimming gears. It’s a time for traveling, shopping, having fun with family and friends. Airports and terminals are packed with holidaymakers and ticket prices are rocketing. “Peak season,” they said.

But is it really peak season? For some people, it’s a whole different story. Because most students are away on holidays, some businesses have no choice but to cut down some activities. English schools are one of them.

So, my daily work starts from 7.30 pm now, with no activities during the daytime. I spend the whole day daydreaming about high income I was supposed to get after moving to this new school. Life isn’t fair, ya?!


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