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Hectic Mind Map

The image above may describe the mazes of things that are going around my brain. Inter-connecting ideas that are zooming past one another may look cool; yet the neverending laps no doubt would crash the container one day. OK, even the paragraph above seems incomprehensible to your wary eyes. The bottom line is: my mind is full. After having fun but serious reunion yesterday with some of my old friends; searching for investment tools, the excitement of creating a new business, steps for developing quality as as teacher, prospect of future life as being ‘single or married’ (hey, don’t misunderstand me! Hehe) are way too complicated to digest. It’s like swallowing a chunk of ‘Klenger Burger’ using a mouth with the size of a paper clip.

So what do I need to do?
Err, easy. You should untangle the jumble.
But where do I start?
From the beginning.
And where’s the beginning?
Start looking for the beginning.
And where do I start to do that?



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