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Road to Financial Freedom: Get Ready!

Below is my financial position as of 11 July 2008 (in Thaler):

Before you give any comments, please note that above figures are not written in IDR, but in Thaler. This is the official currency of this blog and is pegged against Rupiah at a specific rate which will not be published. The purpose of inventing this new currency is because I would like to show my correct and honest position of my finance without revealing the exact numbers.


  1. I didn’t put my money in a regular savings account because I was afraid of spending it without control. Therefore I decided to open 2 time savings account. The bad thing of this practice is that I can’t withdraw the money in case of emergency.
  2. The emergency fund listed above is a specific account that I opened recently.
  3. Short-term action against asset: A. increase the emergency fund; B. reduce the contracted period of the time savings to make them more liquid, and move the money to the emergency fund.
  4. You may find that my liabilities are way higher than the asset. I plan to clear them up in 6 months.

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