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I have been pondering over this question for the past few weeks. “Is blogging still relevant?!”

With the rise of social websites such as facebook or twitter, it seems that less and less people are reading blogs now. But is that the case? I have no supporting data for my theory, but it looks like people are not getting in touch with their blogs anymore. A friend of mine have not logged in to their accounts for over a year now. I myself have neglected my blog for more than 6 months; the last posting in Indonesian was about the Parliamentary Election in April 2009. The last posting in English went way back to September 2008.

Yet I still acknowledge the significance of blogging in this fast changing internet world. Blog may be used by someone to speak up without distortion. Blog may be used for political reasons or simply for fun. A blogger will write a posting filled with supporting data or deliver a gossip that is swept under carpet by the public.

So what is blogging to me?! It is for me to voice my mind. Plain simple…

Happy blogging, indo walker… ^^


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