one by one

one by oneyou lifted up burdenone ounce at a time… nothing much has changed, o Savior!yet i know that you lifted it upone ounce at a time… grant me patience, o Healer!so i can be grateful for your workto lift up my burdenone ounce at a time fill the emptiness in my heart with your […]

Please, Father

Will you run to me?

Will you rise to the top of the tower?Will you look out to your vast and endless domains?Will you run down to the Worship Hallrushing past the angelsand open the gate?Will you race to the fieldstretch out your arms from afarto hold me at last?Will you whisper your words of comfort and love?And will you […]

Breaking the Breathless Life

Tuhan, ajarilah daku untuk bersabar,ajarilah daku untuk berjalan perlahanAjarilah daku untuk menantiMusaat aku tak tahu jalan yang harus kulaluiAjari aku untuk menahan nafsukusaat segalanya tidak mulusAgar aku tetap tenangsaat orang lain menjadi tegangAjari aku untuk menenangkanhatiku yang penuh keresahanAgar kudapat mendengar jawabanyang Kau berikanAjari daku untuk berserah, ya Tuhandan berdoa tanpa gangguanSampai hatiku dipenuhi kedamaian […]

A Prayer At Mid Day

The day has been breathless, LordI stop now for a few moments and I wonder,Is the signature of the holy over the rush of the day?Or have I bolted ahead, anxiously tryingto solve problems that do not belong to me?Holy Spirit of God, please show me;How to work relaxedHow to make each task an offering […]

When I remember the love of God

(Jakarta, 12 October 2005) How I am ashamed in the light of the Lord and forsaken His neverending loveHow I had broken His heart because of my sins and ran away from His loving arms Tonight I am celebrating my love for God because He has loved me from the beginningHe has created and saved […]

Just P.U.S.H !!

A man was sleeping at night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light, and the Lord told the man he had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front of his cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to push against the rock with all his […]

When will you talk to me?

I saw you this morning as you got out of bed. I waited for you to talk to me. But, I did not hear a word.This afternoon when you came home from shopping, I waited again to hear from you. But, I did not hear a word. Tonight when you came home from visiting friends, […]

Change my heart, O God

Dear Lord, you know how I felt latelyLoneliness has blanketed my days and nightsHeart looking for something unsureHead focusing on greysHands reaching out for thin airFeet dipping in fogSoul longing for waterHere I am, my LordKneeling once again with a broken heartPride and selfishness has goneReplaced by a trembling heart in Your presenceI know that […]

Whatever you do, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus

I went up to the church this Sunday morning with lots of burdens and heavy loads of sadness in my heart as I had been struggling with my feelings for the past few days. I admitted to God that I needed to “recharge” my spiritual batteries, and that I wasn’t ready at all for His […]