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Handling Complaints

Any unfortunate things may happen when you deal with customers and suppliers everyday. A complaint may prompt an improvement in service but also may jeopardize a hardly developed business relationship.

Here are 3 simple principles of handling complaint that I learned from a quick chat yesterday morning:

1. Show Empathy
First of all you have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to see the problem from his/her angle. Your language and gestures may react positively to their comments and your general response should echo the words “I understand your problem.”

2. Involve Other Parties
Next thing is that you need to give prompt reply and involve other parties to handle the complaint. This will show that you have a goodwill toward settling the matter amicably.

3. Respond positively
Similar to point 1, you should respond positively toward the customer’s explanations so that they may be satisfied with your service. Defending your positions will not help you at most times.
Basically you may apply the principles in a business class, however I did some experience in an English class to check whether the students may use the appropriate language to handle their daily business matters nicely.

Well, those are my two cents 🙂


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