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5 jam di Purwokerto

6.00 PMA: Hi bro (hoahem). Lg dimana lo?B: Coba tebak!A: Mana gue tauB: Gue lagi di Gambir, mau ke PurwokertoA: HAH?????!!!!!B: YUP! Mau ikut? Berawal dari telpon iseng2 di sabtu sore, tiba2 timbul ide gila utk ikut temen gue ke Purwokerto. Sebenarnya “wacana” ke Purwokerto udah cukup lama kita obrolin, tapi emang waktunya gak ketemu. […]


Tsunami has become the most famous Japanese word in Indonesia for the past 2 years. It comes with a horrifying meaning of catastrophe. Yesterday the word was shouted again in the streets of Java’s south coast and people fled to higher grounds. Still the earthquake and tidal wave has claimed lives of 277 people (so […]

Bloggers’ Reunion

Well well well, something exciting happened last night when four bloggers decided to meet up. It’s amazing how the internet world can transform people’s lives and the way we socialize. Distance and time difference don’t matter anymore. Below picture is the evidence of such unique friendship 🙂 Mall Kelapa Gading, 07 July 2006Left to right: […]