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Preparing for the third year

It has been 2 years since I started my first day of the teacher training. Trainings and experience have shaped my life; many were colourful but not without any dull shade.

What kind of teacher have I become in the past 2 years? Let’s do a SWOT analysis.

I have succeeded to build up a good rapport in every class. Although I don’t tell jokes or make funny faces, people do appreciate the teaching that I have delivered through nodding of understanding and smile of gratitude. I am always thankful for that. Teaching methodology has been kept to the maximum, although I am aware that if you prepare a lesson 110%, the actual execution will reduce to 100%.

It is always easier for people to acknowledge their weakness. The number one problem is accuracy in the classroom. There was usually no problem with this one as long as you could get your message across, but as I started to work as a teacher, I became more aware of my own misuse of grammar. The most significant thing that still continues to haunt is the misuse of preposition ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘at’. I need to work on this.
Lack of motivation might also be a problem especially when handling children classes. I have been concentrating on business classes and rarely got in touch with children. But starting from this week the principal gave me 2 hours a week for 2 children classes. 2 HOURS, yet it took hours more to prepare the lesson because I was nervous. Hahaha.

Reflecting back to those times, I felt that generally I have been able to fulfill my obligation with relatively good quality of lesson. But there is a vast space for improvement. Involving the students in a more personal context of the lesson and encouraging them to use the language to express their ideas should be put as one of the focus for this year. Expressing their ideas remains a big challenge for Indonesian students who were not accustomed to open debate and public speaking. By doing projects and presentations even amongst teenagers, this challenge may well be met.
Some institutions also provide some great teacher development seminars and this is good for brushing up our skills.

I also see lack of motivation as threat especially if the outside world (eg. the school) does not give full support to the academics and are merely interested in making more money. Temptation to try out another job may also leave you in a desperate mood as many teachers will never be able to buy expensive stuff with their meager salary.

So what are my goals of teaching in 2009? I hope I can share more in my next posting.



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