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Breathless Life

For a worker like myself, busy-ness has become an identity. Running and rushing is the heart beat, competing is the hobby, and winning is the ultimate goal. In modern life, busy-ness is redefined as dynamic, running and rushing as productivity, competing as highly motivated, and winning as achieving (compared with losing).

In many aspects of life we will see the same pattern; for a man, having a busy-ness is considered well on track to success. A student will be called dilligent and smart if he takes 22 or more credits per semester and sitting in the library whenever he finds a spare time. A mother will feel satisfied if she can raise the children but at the same time doing many social activities that will make her proud and not losing face in front of the gossiping neighbors. Everybody will put their best efforts to achieve whatever target they might have and working out their muscles to reach their goals faster before anyone else steals it away.

Have you ever pictured your life as a marathon runner? We keep the steady and strong pace while occasionally sprinting to outrun the other athletes. When the finish line is in sight we feel overjoyed in anticipating the winning, but when we look back we saw that other competitors are sprinting toward you, and in turn we increase the speed again in order to reach the finish line. Life has become a neverending race and we need to keep running in order not to be outrunned by it. Life has become breathless!

(to be continued)


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