Tonight Is The Night

“Tonight is the night,” a friend said to me this afternoon over chat. What’s going on?

It’s now 10:31 PM and my eyes are glued to the television; despite the constant yawning that I’ve had since the last hour. There’s definitely something important going on tonight. For non-Indonesians who may not be aware of the political situation: a local bank had been backed up by the government during the economic crisis in 2008, thus prevented it from going bankrupt. The amount of US$ 670 million was then donated provided to bail out the bank and to ensure that investors got their money back. But then what happened? The bail-out fund evaporated just like that; some investors still haven’t got their investment back; the bail-out process was filled with corruption allegations; and even the president was suspected of receiving some of the money for his presidential campaign.

The parliament then set up a special committee to seek out the whereabouts of the money and to question the decision to put the bank under the bail-out program. After weeks of exhausting examinations, tonight they are reaching a conclusion.

Tonight is the night; the meeting in underway…


3 comments on “Tonight Is The Night

  1. Skornya 7-2 katanya πŸ˜€

  2. ya smoga ajah ntu uangna jatuh tepat dihadapanku sekarang gubrak tuh kan bener buat apa yaw sgitu banyakna πŸ˜€

    berkunjung dan ditunggu kunjungan baliknya makasih πŸ˜€

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